Trade Integrity does Heritage Windows / Listed Buildings

Heritage Pvcu vertical sliding windows

Installation is possible within conservation areas. Subject to necessary planning permission.
Available in all foils and colours. Astragal glazing bars are available to enhance the authentic sight lines of the original timber windows.

Heritage wooden vertical sliding windows

Installation is possible within conservation areas and on some listed buildings (double glazed windows are not always allowed on listed buildings) our wooden vertical sliding windows can be manufactured to match your existing windows perfectly in every detail, alternatively you can upgrade your new windows to match the performance of a Pvcu vertical sliding window, the new window will include sprung balanced lifting system, this replaces the need for sash cords and counter weights. Severe storm proof weather rating is achieved by incorporating brush seals to all sides and opening sashes and neoprene /rubber gaskets to the top and bottom.Included with all of our timber windows is a manufacturers 25 year anti fungal guarantee, micro porous paint, a professional factory sprayed three coat paint system, in any colour, or a totally prepared window ready for on site finishing.

We will supervise all installations.